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Monk's Rewards Program


Purchase 10 of any burger, wrap, sandwich, salad or entree meal and receive your next for free.  BONUS: Purchase 10 kid's meals and receive the next for free.

Rewards Login


How do I join the Monk's Rewards Program? 

1. Go to our website and click on the “Rewards” tab where you can sign up with a virtual electronic account by following the link “View Rewards”.

2. Click on the ‘Sign up’ button, enter your e-mail address and you will receive an e-mail asking you to then confirm your e-mail address. Once you have clicked on ‘Confirm E-mail Address’ you will need to enter all required information to set up your rewards profile, including a username and password.

Please Note: If you already have a physical card in your possession from a Monk’s location, you will be able to enter that 12-14 digit card number after verifying your e-mail address. If you skip this step you will be registering for a virtual card and your points will not show up from your physical card.

3. If your rewards membership was registered successfully, you’ll find yourself on your rewards summary page where you can view your profile information, rewards history and more. If you prefer to have a physical card, stop by one of our stores, pick up a card and then sign up on the website afterwards. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the staff at any of our locations.

*Your rewards account(s) cannot be “linked” or combined if you wind up with more than one; it is an either/or situation with account numbers. Please e-mail us at if you think you may have inadvertently signed up under two different accounts so we can check for you – in your message, we will need your account number and your first/last name.

I'm having issues registering for the Monk's Rewards Program—what can I do?

We’ll get it squared away. If you’re getting an “E-mail is unavailable or incorrect” error message, that means you’re more than likely already enrolled in our rewards program. Perhaps you already have a virtual account or began the signup process and didn’t finish by mistake.

Since you’re probably signed up and ready to reap rewards, the best thing you can do is to reset your password, by going to the Monk’s rewards sign-in page and selecting “Forgot Password?”. Enter your username and answer your forgotten password question. You can reset your password right from the site without having to switch back and forth from your e-mail inbox. If you’re still having problems, please contact and we can assist you in retrieving the information needed. 

Remember to send your account number and first/last name when contacting us, it will help us search your information much quicker.

What's a virtual rewards member?

A ‘virtual’ member simply means you do not have a physical rewards card, but all special offers and rewards remain the same. Just give your phone number and name to your server when you dine at any Monk’s Bar & Grill location to keep working towards your rewards.

I lost my physical rewards card—what do I do? 

Since we cannot replace a physical card if it is lost or damaged, your rewards account becomes ‘virtual’ and can be looked up by your name and phone number when you visit any Monk’s Bar & Grill location. Please remember to click the link above and register your phone number and e-mail so your account can indeed be looked up with your phone number!

How do I update my profile information?

Log into your account at and select “Display Profile”. You’ll be able to update address, phone number, etc. if you wish to do so. Please know, if you choose not to add birthday, e-mail and other optional information into your display profile, we cannot send you extra offers as a rewards member. We want to send you fun stuff, great ‘rewards members only’ offers and more… so update when you can! Get that e-mail address added too as long as you’re adding your birthday/anniversary date so you can receive special ‘LOYALTY MEMBERS ONLY’ offers that we send out on occasion.


  • This is not a credit or charge card. It identifies the holder as a MONK’S REWARDS program member.
  • Terms and conditions of the MONK’S REWARDS program are subject to change at any time.
  • This program may be discontinued at any time.
  • Value will not be replaced if card is stolen. If card is lost/destroyed, membership becomes virtual.
  • Card is not redeemable for cash. Cards may not be linked or combined.
  • Earn ONE MEAL for every ten meals (burgers, salads, wraps, sandwiches, entrees) purchased AND Earn ONE KID’S MEAL for every ten purchased.
  • Complimentary anniversary dessert is only available when two meals are purchased.