The Wing Thing

The Wing Thing at Monk's


Who doesn’t like a good basket of wings?

We season, bake and fry to order!
Our wings are served with carrot and celery sticks, plus our six-pack of specialty sauces brought right to your table.

Our six-pack of sauces include (from mildest to hottest in flavor):

Honey BBQ - Sesame - Jerk - Chipotle - Buffalo - BFD/DFD (named after local fire departments in the area)


Fun Facts

 Pair your wings with our Monk’ 47′ Amber Ale, it’s darker flavor is a great offset for spiciness!  
 Monk’s Downtown Dells offers their famous Wings & Mugger Night EVERY Tuesday & Thursday
 $4 34 oz. Taps and 35 cent Wings (8pm- midnight)